The first DiSTARS Multiplier Event in Portugal took place in November 2021 at a public school in the city of Cascais, near Lisbon, Portugal. The event was organized as part of a larger event, the national Science on Stage Festival, along with other workshops related to Erasmus+ projects of which NUCLIO is a partner.

The DiSTARS event consisted of two separate 3-hour workshops offered on a Saturday afternoon and a Sunday morning. It was publicized by NUCLIO’s newsletters and social media. 65 teachers pre-registered for the workshop and 28 actually attended the sessions.

The workshops were presented by Dr. Gustavo Rojas from NUCLIO and were divided in two blocks:

  • Introduction to DiSTARS and Storytelling
  • Using the DiSTARS Storytelling platform

After the workshop teachers were asked to answer a survey. NUCLIO has collected and shared the results with the DiSTARS partners.