The summer school will take place in Marathonas (Greece), 11-16 July 2021 and will introduce to teachers the concept of storytelling as well as inquiry-based science teaching techniques in order to develop, improve and enhance their teaching skills and practices.

Exploration and pioneering have inspired and shaped civilizations since the dawn of history. Such endeavours are distinguishing characteristics of an advancing civilization. As people explore, they discover, innovate, prosper, lead— and become great. In the DiSTARS project and in this course, we have selected as the main topic two major challenges for the humankind: Exploring the Moon & The journey to Mars.

The DiSTARS Summer School includes presentations followed by practical sessions and workshops focusing on:

  • Concepts and skills of storytelling, inquiry processes and multidisciplinary teaching
  • Approaches to effective interaction between Arts and STEM
  • Familiarization with the DiSTARS digital storytelling platform and educational digital repositories
  • Assessment of Deeper (Science) Learning of students
  • Preparing educational resources and activities and designing and creating stories
  • Uploading and sharing digital stories for use in the primary and lower secondary schools
  • Hands-on sessions working on creating animations, videos and resources related to science.
  • Building a community of educators that will collaborate in the next few years and test their storytelling approach within the framework of the “Students as Digital Storytellers: a STEAM approach to Space Exploration” project.

For more please visit the DiSTARS Summer School 2021 site :