DiSTARS Workshop in Alexandria, Greece

The DiSTARS platform was presented to elementary school teachers in an event that was organized by the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia, at Alexandria, Imathia Greece. The official announcement (in Greek) and program can be found here. The event took place at the 3rd Elementary School of Alexandria on

DiSTARS International Conference 2023

The DiSTARS International Symposium was a five-day long event taking place in Greece in July 2-7, 2023. It involved more than 50 teachers, researchers, pedagogical experts, stakeholder from creative industry and policy makers from the project participating countries and beyond. The purpose of the symposium was to present the: - DiSTARS project and its

DiSTARS @ Pedagogical Institute of Tirol in Stams, Austria

Event Type: Multiplier event and lecture This event, hosted within the framework of lecture series of the pedagogical institute of Stams, focused on presenting the DiSTARS platform in-situ. During this event, 46 teachers were in attendance. The event was significant as it provided an opportunity to demonstrate the use of the DiSTARS platform in

Multiplier event in Sofia Bulgaria, 2023

On April 22, 2023, in TechnoMagikLand, Sofia, a National Seminar was held - training of 25 teachers and students from all over the country under the DiSTARS project. The training was organized by the Municipal Center for Extracurricular Activities, Municipality of Dolna Mitropolia with the partnership of the Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Physics

Multiplier Event in Tomar, Portugal

Venue and date: Escola D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, Tomar, Portugal - February 25, 2023 The second DiSTARS Multiplier Event in Portugal took place in February 2023 at a public school in the city of Tomar, in the Central region of Portugal. The event was organized as part of a larger event, along with other

DiSTARS @ Vega Sternwarte Observatory Salzburg, Austria

Event Type: 2-hour event with 3 OeWF trainers This event aimed to deepen teachers' understanding of the DiSTARS platform and its integration with space sciences. Three OeWF trainers provided valuable insights and hands-on activities. Participants learned about the platform and gained knowledge about space sciences activities such as measuring distances in space, creating planet

DiSTARS@ MINT-EC Annual Conference

Ellinogermaniki Agogi presented the project DiSTARS at the 13th MINT-EC school management annual conference, that was organized in cooperation with the Max-von-Laue-Gymnasium, on November 4th and 5th, 2022 in Koblenz. EA had a stand, namely a DiSTARS VR-corner, where conference participants we able to experience the DiSTARS platform and see developed digital stories in

DiSTARS @ Sillpark Gymnasium Innsbruck, Austria

Event Type: Workshop and Space Day for students and teachers This event was instrumental in introducing the DiSTARS project to educators and students. During the workshop, we presented information about the DiSTARS project and the platform. The Space Day included activities that stimulated scientific inquiry and artistic expression, aligning with the project's goals. This

Greeting DiSTARS from Biosphere 2

Gal Yoffe (Austrian SPace Forum) and Dr. Reut Sorek-Abramovic (Dead Sea and Arava Science Center, Israel) send a greeting message to all DiSTARS teachers and students from Biosphere 2 in Arizona, US.

Multiplier event in Austria, 2022

The first DiSTARS communication event in Austria was organized by the Austrian Space Forum (OEWF). The aim of this activity was to kick off the project’s implementation activities. This event engaged people from the educational communities of Austria that were invited to participate and join the project’s community (O4). Thus, the teacher

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